Info for Parents

Is your son considering joining Lambda Chi Alpha at MIT? Are you a parent of one of the members of our chapter? Either way, welcome! Parents are an important part of our Lambda Chi family.

There are many stereotypes about fraternal organizations in the media. So, we can understand why parents may be initially concerned about their son's membership in a fraternity. Many of our parents had concerns in the beginning as well.

Lambda Chi offers a strong support system for your son. Academics are our primary concern, as we balance sports, leadership positions and social events for a well-rounded college experience. After college, the support system remains, as our members benefit from career connections and lifelong friendship with our alumni.

Our members and alumni advisors are happy to speak with you about any of your questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact Program Advisor Steve Pettinato at any time: 773-562-0142, .

We encourage parents to visit our home away from home at 99 Bay State Road in Boston's historic Back Bay. In fact, we are planning a parents' brunch or dinner later in the year. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our brotherhood.

A Testimonial from Lambda Chi Parents

"The fraternity experience for our son Kevin has been critical to his success at MIT. Most importantly he found the friends that every kid needs for support, guidance and to have fun during their college experience. This includes help with academic issues and extracurricular activities as well as getting around the Boston community. In addition Kevin has developed his leadership skills and become more independent. His big brother Mike was there when he needed him and Kevin has been there for his little brother Terrence. The fraternity has extended Kevin's friendships to students and alumni of MIT of all ages which will help him in the years to come."

Dave and Vicki Yurkerwich

Position Against Hazing

Our Lambda Chi chapter believes that hazing has no place in brotherhood. The values of our fraternity reflect the following statement from Lambda Chi Alpha International:

Lambda Chi Alpha was the first fraternity to eliminate pledging and remains a leader in the fight against hazing, alcohol abuse, and other challenges facing today's college student. Lambda Chi Alpha serves to complement higher education by providing opportunities for academic achievement, leadership development, and lifelong friendships.

Advisory Board

The chapter's Advisory Board consists of local Lambda Chi alumni who are dedicated to helping the collegiate members have the best fraternity experience possible. The alumni work closely with the chapter in the areas of officer training, academics, finance, risk management, recruitment and standards. If your son needs help or advice, we are always willing to assist him.

Stephen D. Immerman - Chapter Advisor

Steve is the Senior Associate Dean for Student Life and Executive Director for Enterprise Services at MIT. Steve has served as a leader for a variety of departments and key projects for MIT in his 20+ years of employment at MIT. He most recently led Project Aurora, an MIT initiative to address the status and future development of MIT's fraternities, sororities and independent living groups. Steve accepted Lambda Chi Alpha's invitation to membership in the mid 1980s when he served as Chapter Advisor. Our chapter proudly initiated Steve, and our collegiate members and alumni continue to benefit from his deep experience and wisdom.

John Simmons - Program Advisor

John is a principal at Pittiglio, Rabin, Todd and Mc Grath in Waltham, MA. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) (1990) and a Master in Business Administration (1995), both from MIT.

John is married to Muriel Medard, who is an Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Associate Professor at MIT in the EECS Department at MIT. John and Muriel, who met as undergraduates while studying for finals in the library, are currently faculty in residence for MIT's newest dormitory, Simmons Hall, where they live with their three daughters Vivian (12), Josephine (6) and Cecile (4). Muriel was formerly the Freshman residence-based academic advisor for Lambda Chi Alpha. John served as the President of the Alumni Corporation Board and received the Stephen Immermann Alumni Service Award for his work with Lambda Chi Alpha.

Steve Huson - Fraternity Education Advisor

Steve has lived in the Boston area since graduating in 1984 with a degree in Management from MIT. Steve served as Fraternity Educator at Lambda Chi during his senior year. He is currently Vice President & General Manager, Diversified Markets at Cross Country Automotive Services in Medford, MA.

Steve is married to wife Rosemary, a graduate of Emmanuel College. They have two children - Charlotte (17) and Ben (15). The Husons live in Westford, MA, where they have a dog, a cat, a horse and 8 chickens.

"The Lambda Chi Alpha experience was a key ingredient in my education at MIT. The fraternity taught me a lot about teamwork, gave me opportunities for leadership, and provided connections that are still important to me both socially and in my career. The environment of brotherly support that exists in the fraternity, I attribute as a key factor in helping me have great success in the academic life that is so important at MIT."

Kevin Coffey - Operations Advisor

Kevin graduated in 1983 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Management. While at MIT he managed the intramural sports program for two years, and taught basketball officiating as a MIT physical education class. Kevin served as Recruitment Chairman at Lambda Chi during his senior year.

After graduation, Kevin spent 11 years with Hewlett-Packard in senior marketing roles. Since then, he has led two small technology companies and managed business units for larger companies. Kevin is currently managing business acquisition and expansion for a Taiwanese company.

Kevin has been married for twenty years to Deirdre, a Simmons College graduate whom he met while living at Lambda Chi. Kevin's son Brian (18) is a freshman at MIT. Daughter, Caitrin, is 17, and very much looking forward to driving freedom. The Coffeys live in Andover and have a diving-board dog and two very successful rodent-hunting cats.

Alumni Corporation Board

The Alumni Corporation, the owner of the chapter house at 99 Bay State Road, is comprised of all living alumni members of Lambda Zeta chapter who are in good standing. The Corporation's primary focus is to maintain a safe and comfortable home for the collegiate members. The Corporation supervises house improvement projects, chapter employees, and fund raising.

The Alumni Corporation Board is comprised of 10 alumni elected annually at the Corporation's annual meeting. The current officers of the ACB are:

President Steve Pettinato, '80
Treasurer James Monk '64
Secretary Mike Petro, '89
House Manager Bob Hunt, '89
Risk Manager Robert Mann, '75
Recruitment Manager Steve Huson '84
National Liaison Dave Dobos, '77
Members-at-Large Dylan Cors, '91
Jeff Lobo, '84
Charlie Snell, '71

Steve Pettinato - Alumni Corporation President

Steve owns an investment firm, Hermitage Group LLC, which trades options, equities, and futures as a broker dealer. He is a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the Chicago Board of Trade and serves on several CBOE management committees. He graduated from MIT in 1980 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and from the University of Chicago MBA program in 1982.

Steve and his wife Maureen have 3 children, Allie, 18, Kate, 16, and Eric, 11. They reside on the north side of Chicago, within walking distance of Wrigley Field. Nonetheless, Steve is still a Phillies fan.

"My membership in Lambda Chi has positively influenced my adult life more than any other single experience. I met my wife at LCA. A pledge brother introduced me to the business I've spent my career in. The friendships I developed as an undergraduate at LCA are going strong 25 years later, and any time I'm with brothers from any era, I can feel the connection. It's a very special place, and I feel lucky to be a part of it."

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